About Us

East Doncaster Development Trust (EDDT) has been in existence since 2000 and our aims include providing opportunities for the local community, bringing local groups and individuals together and providing them with new skills via courses and workshops.  We encourage participation and teamwork whilst providing individuals with an opportunity to gain qualifications. We are also proactive in getting people involved with community activities.  The number of volunteers in community work is growing as people recognise and value the good work that is being achieved.

Economic inclusion and unemployment is a key challenge for EDDT as our primary objective is to get people who face particular challenges ready and fit for work by enhancing their skills, and boosting their confidence and self esteem.  Work is the main route out of poverty as people who work are better off financially, better off in terms of their health and well-being, their self esteem and future prospects for themselves and their families.  Work promotes choice and independence for people, supports our society and increases community cohesion.

Our aim is to make sure that no child grows up in poverty.  The best way to achieve this is to support parents in finding employment, in helping them gain skills to source that employment and to progress in work.

We work with people who are below the poverty line, that have been out of work for many years, that are disadvantaged and that have lost faith in themselves or society.  Our overall goal is to improve peoples lives.

EDDT takes a forward thinking approach to everything we do.  We understand that the needs of Individuals and organisations are forever changing.  That's why we are constantly evolving and increasing our services in key areas such as Employment support and Education and Skills.

We work with clients to remove the barriers and problems which prevent them from entering the labour market.  For some this will take a matter of weeks, whereas for a less fortunate few this may take many months or even years.

Our team of volunteers work from our Community Resource Centre which opened in November 2008.  The facilities available to the community include:

  • Jobs board
  • IT suite
  • Training room
  • Meeting room
  • Interview rooms