Victor the Polar Bear will be first resident at Yorkshire Wildlife Park's Project Polar

4th August 2014

A polar bear named Victor will be the first resident at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in East Doncaster.  The fifteen year old bear is due to arrive in the park from Rhenen Zoo in Holland next month and he will be the only one in England.

John Minion, director of the park, said, "We will be delighted to welcome Victor to the park and be able to make a contribution to polar bear conservation.  Polar bears are an iconic species that are increasingly threatened in their natural habitat.  We need to fight their cause.  Their native sea ice is disappearing due to climate change but we still have a chance to do something about it."

He added, "We are very excited at the prospect of having our first resident in the new reserve, which has been designed around the polar bear.  The enclosure gives the bears the space they need to enjoy natural behaviour such as swimming, roaming and foraging in a physically varied and stimulating complex environment."

Victor's arrival follows the launch of the centre called Project Polar which is one of the biggest in the world spanning ten acres.  It was designed in consultation with world experts so that it could become a centre for polar bear conservation.  Victor, who weighs 480 kilos (about 75 stone) is coming to Yorkshire because he is no longer needed for the breeding programme at Rhenen Zoo.  The park is also in the process of attempting to rescue another polar bear named Yupi from a Mexican zoo.

Source: Doncaster Free Press, Thursday, 31st July, 2014

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