Help us get the EDDT garden ship-shape for Summer

Are you a budding gardener (budding, geddit?) Do you like the sound of swopping time on your hands for wholesome East Doncaster soil? Then why not have fun volunteering and help us to get our nice back garden ship-shape for Summer.

Please come in to the EDDT offices or call 01302 844844 if you would like to help. Any small amount of time that people can give would be appreciated.

Alternatively email us on admin@eastdoncasterdt.org.uk



Volunteers required for a wonderful new youth project based in Dunscroft.  For more information please contact our offices on 01302 844844  or email:admin@eastdoncasterdt.org.uk


What Key Skills are required as a volunteer with East Doncaster Development Trust

  • Enthusiasm – a positive attitude is vital
  • Common sense – knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and bad
  • Non-judgemental – being able to take an objective view of a person’s problems – even if they’re of their own making
  • Awareness – being able to recognise other people’s needs and able to look for ways to meet those needs as a result of training and your own life experiences
  • Reliable – willing to devote a set amount of time on a regular basis
  • Compassionate – having and empathy with the plight of a particular person or situation
  • Committed – demonstrating your passion for a cause
  • Self-confident – able to work both autonomously and as part of a team where necessary
  • Good communication – able to relate to both fellow workers and those you are trying to help and a willingness to make suggestions for improvements
  • Self-assured – able to take constructive criticism on board to improve one’s own skills and ability to help others

Listed above are just some of the qualities volunteers are expected to have. However, it would be quite wrong to suggest that East Doncaster Development Trust are only seeking people who have many skills and are very self-assured. Quite often, it's people who have suffered problems themselves who go on to make some the best volunteers. Therefore, people who have had challenging life issues and experiences are encouraged to apply as they can help from experience. Just as with any job, you're not expected to hit the ground running and you'll receive training and support to help you carry out your duties. Volunteers come from all walks of life and different backgrounds and providing you are prepared to show commitment and are willing to learn, you should never feel that your contribution would not be welcomed as the opposite is often the case.

If you feel that you can contribute as a volunteer to our organisation, then please contact our Manager and Chair of Trustees Bill Morrison who will arrange an informal discussion.